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Originally Posted by ArrowJ View Post
I am a Christian. I appreciate these ideas. You are not going to talk me out of believing in God, and I am not going to talk you into it, but I am curious (as in I am not trying to stump you) as to your view on the where the "stuff" of the universe came from, and how life started. I am a theistic evolutionist and believe God used directed evolution after He created the stuff of the universe and life. Also, what about information does information i.e. the data encoded in DNA evolve? Again, I am just interested in your solution to these problems. I respect you regardless of your views.
What if the answer to both questions was "I don't know and nobody else does either"? That would not add a single shred of evidence to a religious explanation - the lack of an answer should mottivate one to look for the answer, but it is never an excuse to make up an answer.

However, the DNA one does have a good answer, complete with experiements recreating the start of it in laborastoris over the past 80 years or so. I even posted links to articles and documentaries you can watch on Netflix in another of these threads. One of them was an episode of Carl Sagan's Cosmos. Follow that with another excellent episode of Cosmos about how religion has held back science.
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