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Originally Posted by Trew2Life View Post
What I will admit is your strawman argument has failed. This was/is never about charitable contributions. If you choose to believe that Mitt Romney is a magnanimous philanthropist, go right ahead. Add that to the, 'I don't worry about the 47%' mantra and run with it through election day.
Yes it is about Character, you misinterpeted Mitt's comments about the 47% in a way that made him sound uncaring to the poor.
I clearly proved you wrong, so them you start in on Mitts contributions to Charity, and you complained these were Tith's to the Morman Church, caught you there, dozens of charities. Then you bring up birth certificates, playing the race card. That didn't work.
Then I posted news articles, some even showing that Romney has dontated 50 Million in 20 years to many different charities.
And I am using a strawman argument?
let me direct you here,.
When faced with fact you change the subject and try another tact.
You Sir, not I used the Strawman.
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