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He's not lying. Welfare and handouts cost taxpayers millions. Why should working class get taxed to death to support communities that contribute zero to the nation. It's not a secret that the democrats need these dependents to secure votes based on welfare handout rewards. All resources are abused by this 47%, they call the police at the drop of a hat and the decent neighborhoods never see their local police. Ambulance is called for everything and we pick up the bill. Everything is handed to this 47%, the "why work when checks come in the mail" mentality is now the standard. These 47% aren't looking for jobs, why should they when we, the taxpayers, have +30% of our wages appropriated to ensure they never have to lift a finger except to have a drink or commit a crime against the hands that feed them. Worse part is that they're proud of this lifestyle. We the tax payers are the jokes and suckers to the 47%.
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