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Opinion on a cheap old revolver?

Hey folks,

Well I suppose I was asking for this. The wife is pregnant and I'm sitting here feeling the pressure to get my CHL and a gun. I was trying to incrementally get my wife accustomed to the idea of a firearm but my timetables, of course, had to be moved up.

But with timetables moving up I'm also having to move forward without the amount of money I would like to spend.

I have been taking a very serious look at the police trade-in model 64's on J&G. $279, .38 special, basically some old beater guns ready to be abused.

So here's my question: what are your thoughts on the S&W model 64? Specifically the NY-1 version. Is this worth the money? Concealability seems like a bit of an issue here, I would love to hear your thoughts on this as well.

And to get to the Glock portion I mentioned...I haven't gotten a chance to look around too much lately, but are there any Glock options that aren't going to run me over about three hundred and fifty dollars?

Admittedly, I have pretty much come to terms with not having a Glock just yet and having to dream. Cost is a HUGE factor right now with an unexpected pregnancy, but as the future father and husband I need to figure out a way to make sure my little family is protected at all times.

Thanks guys & gals, and hopefully you all have a great day.
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