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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
It is really simple. Karl Marx was an Atheist, who, like most of you here, was vehemently and violently opposed to religion. Marxism is the foundation of Communism, and Communists have always wholesale slaughtered and committed genocide when taking over, or attempting to take over a government. So, yes, Atheism is then by extension responsible for millions upon millions of deaths.
For the upteenth time, I am not a godless communist. I am a godless capitalist. When are theists going to let this red herring go? You seem to be desperately trying to draw a parallel where none exists so you can find us morally guilty by association. Those atrocities where committed in the name of communism, not atheism. Communists only adopt atheism as a matter of convenience as they don't want any other sources of moral authority (like an organized church) around which might pose a threat to their power.

Communism doesn't logically follow from atheism anyway. The only political system that does would be libertarianism.
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