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Originally Posted by Trew2Life View Post
And so, interestingly enough, he doesn't claim the full deduction for his charitable donations. Thereby making his tax liabity comply with the 'no less than 13%' proclaimed earlier. Who does that? Who intentionally over-pays their taxes? Didn't he say over-paying his taxes would disqualify him as president?
Thats funny because so many from the left are saying they dont pay enough in taxes.
Romney overpays by not taking deductions and you complain, he gives an additional 4 million to charity this year and you say it's a scam.
50 million in 20 years to charity, yep that can only sound like a scam. The tough thing is its all down on paper and you have liberals now saying it's very charitable and noble.
I think your just afraid to pull those Obama stickers off your Subaru and admit your wrong.
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