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Originally Posted by Trew2Life View Post
Mitt Romney described the 47% in 3 distinct groups:

Those who pay no federal income tax? Yep. That's me. I'm part of the vast majority who have below average earnings; one of the 9 out of 10 who earn less than $50K

People who get federal benefits? Yep. That's me, too. I believe I am entitled to health care and 'you name it'. I've been contributing to health care and 'you name it' for 30+ years.

Likely Obama Voters? Three for 3. Like me, there are many other Obama supporters who may have supported BHO in '08 but may think he's not the man for the job in '12. Well, Mitt Romney proved he's not interested in them either.

47% is a lot of people, about 30 million voters. A small percentage of them receive food stamps (about 16%). An even smaller number of them (about 2%) are actual fraud or abuse.

Mitt Romney choose to denegrate 29.4 Million people for the actions of 600 thousand.
No, he said that people who are either trapped in a culture of entitlement or who buy into it aren't going to respond to a message of lower taxes, less government, more freedom, and more personal responsibility.

And I'd suggest you are proving him correct.
The US Air Force has started including tax protester literature in the emergency supplies of their aircraft. If the plane crashes in a remote area, the crew is instructed to read the pamphlets and Goalie will be along shortly to rebut them.

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