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Originally Posted by Glock36shooter View Post
No, you're not going to use this cop out. I've heard way too many believers try to wiggle out of the horrible laws these people created by saying it was their law and not God's. The Jews consider THE ENTIRE OLD TESTAMENT to be inspired by God. Including their laws. You and your apologist buddies don't get to redefine that. All of it was brought to them from Yahweh. You do not get to place the origin of the laws on the people and not God. Your God... the one who later showed up in the flesh as Christ felt it was OK to rape a woman as long as you paid her father 50 pieces of silver and took her off his hands. This is how YOUR GOD thinks.
It is interesting, you are young and know so little about life in general, yet you presume to know the mind of God. As to the rest, I suppose it is for the best that I am not a Jew, though genetically probably 1/4th Jewish. I guess that would make me a Samaritan. It is clear you don't understand scripture, and you certainly don't know the mind of God.

If you lived in a society where the only means of support were your sons (though I am certain you are too young and imature to even think of marriage let alone children), and women's only means of support were their husbands things would be different. There was no social welfare, unless you consider begging to be a form of social welfare.

Sons took care of you in your old age and daughters provided a dowry. If the daughter was defiled and considered unfit for marriage the parents would be out the dowry. That is the equivalent of someone stealing part of their retirement. Then the daughter would be ruined as no other man would have her, so she would need the same stability and financial support as she would from a husband. He broke it, he bought it, and had to pay the consequences financially to both injured parties.

It is not the ideal situation. However, killing the perpetrator would deny both injured parties financial recompense. Now, if he died, she could be free to remarry and no face social rejection by other males.

Can you demonstrate that this was in the name of Atheism? That is was in the name of a lack of belief? I'd love to watch you try.
It is really simple. Karl Marx was an Atheist, who, like most of you here, was vehemently and violently opposed to religion. Marxism is the foundation of Communism, and Communists have always wholesale slaughtered and committed genocide when taking over, or attempting to take over a government. So, yes, Atheism is then by extension responsible for millions upon millions of deaths.
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