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Slow down just a bit....

I know you're excited about carrying but why not focus on what you have right now rather than other guns.

Get the CCP and where your 26 for a month. You'll discover all kinds of idiosyncracys, likes/dislikes, preferences, etc.... Weather (read clothes), situations (bathrooms come to mind), what you want in a holster (IWB, OWB, Remora, etc.), can you draw it quickly and easily, what to do with it when you encounter a place that doesn't allow carry. There are all kinds of things to sort out so when and if you make another gun/holster/belt purchase, you're making an informed decision.

I 26 has worked out well for me with the XL extensions. My hands are large and the extensions make the gun much more comfortable to draw. If at the range, I can shoot it fine without the extensions but leave them on regardless. I carry it in an OWB Bianchi pancake with a 511 gun belt and it's very comfortable and with my broad shoulders , conceals well.

I also carry a 4" SP101 when going out in the field and while it's a much bigger gun, I wear it in cooler weather so the clothing covers it well. I do carry a couple of speed loaders when I have the SP just to bring the round count up to the same as the 26.

Here's a couple of pics just for fun...

Carry Issues

Carry Issues
Carry Issues

Don't forget that you can use larger mags with the 26. It can be an inexpensive way to "experiment" with carrying a larger gun.

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