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Originally Posted by Trew2Life View Post
You can try to rationalize that the best way you know how. It's obvious, the R's are very disingenious with their concerns of voter fraud and prevention.

This particular thread is about whether or not Mitt Romney's 47% remark (and other 'off the cuff' revealations) have cost him the election.
Well, you brought up the voter fraud issue first; I was just addressing your comment.

Calculating the net loss of D's turned away by Voter ID, plus the net gain of I's turned away by Mitt's insensitivity divided by the sum of R's who never really turned toward this Massechuettes Moderate = BHO gets another turn.
I would say that the MSM is working hard to get four more years for Obama.
Republicans are going to vote Republican regardless. The Moderate vote is what is important in this election.
If telling the truth about the 47% makes any difference, it shows Romney and Ryan are serious about getting our fiscal house in order. I think many undecided people see that much more responcable than a President who has no budget and no foreign policy.
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