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If you are paying attention, you should see that trouble coming. If a methhead is braining you with a tire iron whilst your are putting the Keystone Light in your trunk, YOU messed up and no weapon will help.

Let's assume you see 3 bad guys coming your way.

So, you have two choices IMHO:

1) Like it is, round in chamber w/safety on. But remember that safety can be hard to use with the PG. Pull shotty, throw safety off.

2) Safety OFF, no round in chamber. Pull shotty, and just rack it.

Note: The racking sound does not scare bad guys. A shotgun does not scare bad guys. Rounds on target are what stops bad guys.

I think the pistol grip is fine for short range car protection or house clearing. Everyone hates them, but isn't Hickok45 making 100 yard shots with a PG in video somewhere? For 5-10 yards, you'll be fine.
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If two guys are looking at a riding lawn mower, the one that looks like 'Dirty Steve' from "Young Guns" will probably spit on your shoe if you walk too close.

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