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Originally Posted by Chris Brines View Post
This is how it is positioned in my trunk. Nothing for the finish to get damaged on. it's in a gun case, that is opened. Those are empty gas cans just fyi lol....I like the full stock better but the PG is for maneuvaribility. I think I'd be able to maneuver a PG shotty much more swiftly. Currently with 7 in the tube, nothing in the chamber, safety on. Maybe I'll switch it off.

Tactical Shotguns
PG might be more manouverable, but it's going to be significantly harder to aim effectively at anything much past contact range. Chances are, in an open parking lot, you might need that extra reach the full stock and proper sight picture will give.

Empty chamber, hammer down safety on means 2 distinct actions to make the weapon ready. If someone tries to snatch the shotgun as you open your trunk, it can buy you the time needed to draw a handgun, or otherwise defeat the attacker's attempt to take it.

Finally, I would suggest a way of securing it when needed. If your car got broken into, you wouldn't want that shotgun being such a ripe target.
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