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Originally Posted by smokin762 View Post
I'll have to check into that holster. Thanks for the tip.

I understand about the employer thing. The H.R. Dept at my work said, just keep it out of the building. They don't seem to care about the parking lot for now.
I have a G-Code OSH riding on my range belt setup right now, and have an XST (edit: whoops, wrong name) retention holster en route right now. Both are configured for RTI. As soon as I can remember what I did with it, and decide where to put it, I'm going to mount an RTI disc in a discrete location in my car for long-distance trips. Lock in holster, 229 in holster (Retention or open top as appropriate), and hit the road. When I need to get out, draw from mounted holster, and insert into IWB holster. If need be, I can then remove the mounted holster from the disc, and hide it in the glove box.
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