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Originally Posted by hd67xlch View Post
Ive busted my ***** for 30 years worked to make a good life for me and my family, paid way more than my fair share of taxes, have never voted anything but GOP, but Ive had it. Its not that I like Obama, I dont, its those tax figures Romney released this week, he paid less than 15% on almost 14 million in income, well I dont make near 14 million, but do make enough to be in a 25% tax bracket, and yes this pisses me off. Now Im not naive and know that the super rich have been doing this with taxes forever, and that they are following the tax laws, but it still pisses me off. Im not saying Im voting Obama, but am saying its not right, and I will not support Romney for this reason.


His 2011 tax return is on his web site. It shows $9,007,709 in taxable income and $1,935,708 in taxes, so that's more like 21.5%. Naturally, it sounds like a bigger deal if you use his AGI, which includes income that is tax exempt and leaves out his deductions.
Aside from that, see DanaT's note, above - Romney's income was mostly capital gains. The people making a big deal about him paying 15% KNOW that capital gains and eligible dividends are taxed at 15%, at the highest, for everybody rich enough to pay more than the much lower percentages mom and pop pay on a few shares of walmart stock. Those people are trying to BS you into thinking he gets around paying taxes because he's rich. He got around paying more in taxes because he wasn't earning an income - 100% of his taxes were on interest, dividends and sales of stock he owned.

By the way, that 15% tax rate was based on a reduction from the Bush years that Obama signed an extension of in 2010. So, ironically, the man who gave him the 15% tax rate is now trying to use it against him. Mitt Romney followed the tax laws we made for him. Why would he pay more than the United States decided he has to pay? He wasn't even part of the government that made the laws. Did you throw anything extra in with what you owed on your income last year?

Here's a nother perspective:
Mitt Romney v. Welfare recipient John Smith - who do you think uses more services from the government, paid for with tax dollars? Welfare/food stamp, police, military protection, public facilities, medicaid, etc.? In each category, John Smith is using more services than Mitt Romney, yet he paid nothing in taxes and may have even got an earned income bonus back, over and above any taxes he paid in during the year. Mitt Romney paid almost $2,000,000 to support those same programs, but I'll bet he doesn't have a food stamp or meeidcal card and I'll bet the police hardly ever have to answer a call at his house. Yet you think it's unfair that MItt Romney didn't pay even more than $1,935,708 for the exact same entitlement to services that John Smith gets paid to accept. How much did you pay for your share of the government services Romney paid nearly $2 million for? Are you sure about that claim that you always voted GOP?

The end result of your decision is - one vote for Obama will go unanswered by a potential vote for Romney. Thanks for supporting Obama.
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