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Originally Posted by aippi View Post
A Remington Shotgun will not discharge if dropped. I have a video of me beating the crap out of a loaded 870 with a mallet to prove this after that BS news report on this from CBS or ABC or one of those anti-gun networks.

I beat the weapon so hard I was knocking the trigger pins out and it still did not discharge. The entire law suit is prue BS against a manufacturer by attorny's wanting to score big. Which is why it fadded away.

Can you make it discharge? I am sure you can with enough force. Maybe dropping from a three story building onto payment or maybe even loaded in the trunk of a car that was just hit by another car. Don't want to find out by doing that mess. But dropping it or beating it with a mallet will not make it discharge.
Thats good to know. I was always taught 870's arent drop proof and why I keep the chamber empty with a full tube.
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