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Originally Posted by hd67xlch View Post
Ive busted my ***** for 30 years worked to make a good life for me and my family, paid way more than my fair share of taxes, have never voted anything but GOP, but Ive had it. Its not that I like Obama, I dont, its those tax figures Romney released this week, he paid less than 15% on almost 14 million in income, well I dont make near 14 million, but do make enough to be in a 25% tax bracket, and yes this pisses me off. Now Im not naive and know that the super rich have been doing this with taxes forever, and that they are following the tax laws, but it still pisses me off. Im not saying Im voting Obama, but am saying its not right, and I will not support Romney for this reason.



Where you are wrong.

Romney paid mostly CAPITAL GAINS tax; not income tax. All capital gains are taxed at 15%. If you have interest income from the bank that you declare, that is capital gains. If you sell stock, that is capital gains.

And I suspect that even if you are in the 25% bracket, you likely paid about 15% of you total income. The bracket is determined AFTER deduction. So take your BEFORE TAX and BEFORE DEDUCTION income and compare the amount of tax you paid to those numbers to get an accurate comparison to what percentage Mitt paid.
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