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Originally Posted by eracer View Post
Please explain to me what $500 gets you in a pocket knife that $80 wouldn't.

I'm not being critical, since I know jack about knives. But, like watches, I just don't understand the value of really expensive ones.
Ability to hold an edge under abuse, ability of the blade to resist abuse (hence me referring to it as a sharpened prybar), how tight the blade locks to the frame when open, corrosion resistance... In short, a lot of advantages to a well made knife.

Plus, I didn't pay anything for it.

Originally Posted by smokin762 View Post


I stumbled upon a guy selling mountable magnets for firearms at the Gun Show. You just mount it where you want to hide it. Then attach the firearm to it. The firearm has some resistance coming off of it but not too much that would cause a problem.

I bought this for a trunk application. I figured if my hands are in the trunk already, then I want something quick that I can grab in a bad situation. Handguns are way more maneuverable in an enclosed situation. By the time you swing around a shotgun, I would think it would be your demise.

Tactical Shotguns
As an alternative, look at the G-Code RTI holsters. G-Code sells RTI mounting discs by themselves, and they can be screwed to just about anything. Screw a disc into whatever location you like, and get an RTI holster of your choice - or get the adapter for a Serpa or Safariland holster. Holster mounts to disc, gun goes in holster. When you take the gun out of the car, you can simply dismount the holster (takes 2 seconds) and all that is left is a flat plastic disc that looks like nothing.

Originally Posted by smokin762 View Post
In Ohio, That knife could get you into trouble. There is no state law on length of blades that can be carried. Each city has their own laws when it comes to edged weapons. It seems that any knife over 2 is considered to be bad. If a person has a CCW and feels the need for a backup weapon, they are better off carrying a spare handgun. Mine is a J-Frame in a pocket holster on the left side.
I mostly carry it as a utility knife, and not a weapon, but it can serve that purpose too. Unfortunately, firearms are verboten in my line of work (can't have them on the property, and Florida's parking lot law doesn't apply here), so a knife is all I can carry when going to or from work.
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