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Originally Posted by WoodenPlank View Post
Agreed on all counts.

Full stock, empty chamber is the way to go. I would say hammer down and safety on, so it's run pump, hit safety and ready to go.

Also, most carjackings/parking lot robberies are at VERY close range from what I understand, and a shotgun is going to be pretty unwieldy. If you can't CCW, then I'd suggest a handgun in a secured location in the vehicle.


I stumbled upon a guy selling mountable magnets for firearms at the Gun Show. You just mount it where you want to hide it. Then attach the firearm to it. The firearm has some resistance coming off of it but not too much that would cause a problem.

I bought this for a trunk application. I figured if my hands are in the trunk already, then I want something quick that I can grab in a bad situation. Handguns are way more maneuverable in an enclosed situation. By the time you swing around a shotgun, I would think it would be your demise.

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