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Federal HST 230gr: +P and standard pressure

Noticed something interesting while breaking in my Kahr CW45. Was trying to use a variety of different ammo and two of those used were the HST in +P and standard pressure. In the course of reloading mags I noticed that the standard pressure ones had skivves cut all the way to the case mouth; on the +P's the skivves were NOT cut all the way down. Leads me to believe that they are different bullets, one for each pressure level.

This is different from the 9mm HST "heavy" 147gr ammo. The 147gr HST has skivves cut all the way down to the case mouth on both the +P and standard pressure rounds, leading me to believe they are the same bullet.

Now obviously the .40 does not have a legit +P rating so there is no comparison to be made, but the 180gr HST's also have the skivves cut all the way down to the case mouth.

So, I wonder why the .45 departs from the "norm" for heavy HST loads with the +P?
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