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Originally Posted by aippi View Post
I think in Texas it is only against the law to have an unloaded gun. I also wish the Main Manufacturers that are in places like NY, IL, MA and many of the accessory manufacturers like in CA would tell those states to stop making BS laws against their products or they will pack up their Shops and take their tax base and payrolls move to TX and other gun friendly states. Thiink of the Millions these companies pay in local and state taxes and the millions in payrol they pay in the states they manufacture in. Money talks. And sorry for getting of topic but it is a sore spot to be in a BS gun state like MI and God Bless TX for getting it right.
Amen to that. God bless the Republic of Texas.

As to the OP's original question: go for it. Not because of any legal issue but you might want to consider buying a gun safe for your shottie. IMHO I would never want to give a criminal a loaded weapon and a car/trunk is not particularly secure on its own. Fort Knox makes a good one that is imperfect for this use because where it opens. That said, it might give you a place to start looking. CHECK IT OUT HERE. I don't know much about it and whether it would work with a pistol grip but THIS might be another option. Neither of these provide immediate action but once the trunk is over you could access either pretty darn quickly (I can open a simplex lock I have in under 2 seconds).
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