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Originally Posted by aippi View Post
Pistol grip and model 500 don't go together well. I seems it would be better without a round in the chamber and the safety off. You then hit the disconect which is in a good place on the 500 and rack the weapon. Seems this is going to be faster then fumbling with a PG model 500 and tang safety.

Also, a sear works as designed but I doubt it would be designed to hold in the violence a car crash. I don't consider any weapon being transported in a vehicle in any type of case as being safe with a round in the chamber.
Agreed on all counts.

Full stock, empty chamber is the way to go. I would say hammer down and safety on, so it's run pump, hit safety and ready to go.

Also, most carjackings/parking lot robberies are at VERY close range from what I understand, and a shotgun is going to be pretty unwieldy. If you can't CCW, then I'd suggest a handgun in a secured location in the vehicle.
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