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Originally Posted by Noles26 View Post
What happens is the phones are reported stolen to their specific carrier.

The thief then "unlocks" them so that they can be used on other carriers. For some reason, the carriers do not communicate this to one another.
It reminds me of the way cars used to be. Ford had secure keys back in the 80's. The car couldn't be started without the password that was on a chip in the key, period. Yet, in the late 90's I was chasing stolen, brand new, BMW's, Audis, Hondas, Toyotas etc. Even the Intrepid I got didn't have the password key when higher end models of the same car had it. $10.00 worth of technology omitted form a $50,000.00 car just so thieves could steal them and keep the car companies in business.
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