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Originally Posted by SCmasterblaster View Post
G17 for sure. You'll get the best velocity and accuracy from its 4.5-inch barrel and the ammo is cheap.
Lots of folks share your view, and I don't dislike the G17. My overall preference is still G19.

I bought a G22 instead of a G17 because I was infatuated with Gen 4 and wanted to try .40. I regretted that decision later because 9mm really suits me better.

I considered trading my G22 for a G17, but the trade-in allowance was lousy for my like-new gun. Someone here suggested a .40 to 9mm conversion barrel as a better alternative, and my KKM barrel arrived today. Now I have the ability to shoot two calibers with one frame.

I mention this experience because it makes economic sense for some people who are undecided to buy the larger caliber with the option of downsizing later with a conversion barrel. For $165+$10 for shipping, I bought the KKM barrel to make my G22 into a G17. Or, I can go back to .40 any time. How beautiful is that?

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