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Is it safe to leave a round chambered in a Mossberg 500?

Just wondering. I keep a Mossberg 500 in my trunk, and just took the buttstock off of it and put the pistol grip on. I've never really expected to have to use it, but there have been quite a few armed robberies in my area lately, one of which the assailant walked up to a guy who was getting groceries out of his trunk.

So I keep the Mossberg in my trunk, and want to know how safe (or unsafe) it may be to leave a round chambered. Meaning all I'd have to do is pick it up, switch the safety "off", and pull the trigger. I always leave the safety on, and even in an SD situation, doubt it would really hinder anything, because it is right where my thumb would go anyway.

I'd like to avoid having to cock it before firing if at all possible, because if someone has a gun in their hand, that sound might make them more inclined to start shooting me, whereas if the first thing they saw was the barrel of my 12 gauge, the last thing they'd see would be 9 pellets of 00 buckshot making them really "holy".

Is this safe? Or should I just leave the chamber empty?
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