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I'm curious to know why the Caracal is good enough to run flawlessly in your competitions and you wear the hat but its not good enough to trust your life to it?

Originally Posted by MrVvrroomm View Post
Yes, the lack of aftermarket support (that may change one day) and the sight options are two of the big things.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a big Caracal fan. I'm one of the first people in the US to have handled/shot one.

The first time I ever shot my C was an IDPA classifier. It ran flawlessly. I took the gun out of the box, put it on my hip and ran the classifier.

I know I can get spare parts for my Glocks nearly anywhere. Not so much with the Caracal.

If my Caracal C and Glock 19 are lying on the table in front of me and the bad guy is breaking down the door, I'm grabbing the Glock.

I've worn my Caracal ball cap in every match I've shot since I got it in May of 2011. Trust me, that's a lot of matches. I always get questions about them just because of the hat.

Now that they're on USPSA's approved Production list I may even shoot my F next season.
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