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Originally Posted by S.Kargoh View Post
Reluctant to post this, because I know the "official" info is out there, and I don't want to sound like I am complaining.

But basically, just wanted to hear how the process went for you.

I sent in a certificate for a g26 gen 4 around July 10 or so with an ffl copy and the form and a check for the upgrade fee. I think I remember it saying that you had to also include tax on the upgrade fee only. So my upgrade fee was 35$ buti just included a tax of 25% because I didn't know which figure to use.
So I haven't heard anything back, so I checked with the bank and that check cleared on august 13th. I assume everything is progressing normally.

But will I receive a notice from glock or gssf or ffl when gun is shipped? Who pays shipping?

I have not worked with this ffl before but selected it because it was close and cheap. It is a pawn shop. A nearby gun shop wanted 85$ for a transfer fee. Yikes. Another shop said that I had to pay them tax on the value of the firearm , even though it was free.

So now I am cornfused and my memory is dull on what I remember when I first started the process. Tell me about your timeline and process.

My last gun sat at the FFL for 2 weeks as he said he was not sure whose gun it was. Stay in touch with your FFL.

I will check my calender from last year for the time it took from certificate to in my hands. I know it sounds crazy but i enjoy the time waiting for my guns as it gives me a distraction from the day to day concerns wondering where my new gun is
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