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Originally Posted by yobohadi View Post
I am of little help with the GSSF process, but I do know that picking your FFL is possibly the most important decision you will ever make in your lifetime. You should take more time with this than picking out your children's pediatrician, your fiancee, or even your fantasy football team.

And I would stay away from the FFL that wants to charge $85 for 10 minutes of their time. I assume that they just didn't want to deal with the transfer.

Not to side track a thread,but with more and more guns being purchased on line, Our local gun stores are not making there money on selling guns so they are going to have to pay the bills by the transfers. I am ok and understand Guns stores should be able to make money on a transfer if they did not make money on the sale of the gun.Its fair and reasonable ,Now if you bought 12 guns a year from a FFl then he should waive the fee,And although it looks like 10 minutes of there time they had to go thru allot to become an FFL
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