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Originally Posted by JW1178 View Post
I think a big problem with the republicans is they try to offer a warm hand to those who won't even give them a chance.nb Obama is/was smart enough to know to play to his base. He doesn't care about us hard working people and gun carriers, he knows we won't vote for him. Perhaps Romney has seen the light?
+1 That was what he was getting at with his "people clinging to guns and Religion" comments in the 2008 cycle. Romney is pretty much saying the same thing, just the polar opposite.

People are very polarized, 45% will vote for Obama no mater what, 45% will vote for Romney no mater what, its that 10% he needs to work on.

Still I'm getting sick how the media is lingering on this for a week now. They are pushing that Romney is sunk by the comments, while Obama's "Guns and Religion" comment got maybe 2 days of play and was quickly dismissed as being somewhat true.

I think its all a smoke screen. Keep the public focused on the Romney's 47% comment while the economy goes in the toilet and embassies overseas burn.
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