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Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
Nobody wanted Romney the first time, and they're not going to want him now. Not to mention, just the fact that HE is the GOP candidate shows how screwed we are.

But, we're screwed either way, because apparently American voters had to pick the guy with the best hair instead of the guy best for the job.

My gut says Obama gets his 2nd term, and honestly...we deserve it.
Everyone in this country with internet access got fully educated on every plank of RP's platform, whether they wanted to or not. He was on the ballot in every state, he got invited to every debate, he got airtime on Fox News, he got invited to Fox News interviews along with the other candidates. He's a senile, half-liberal/half-conservative anarchist who people thought wasn't presidential material. There just aren't very many fiscally conservative, atheist potheads in this country.
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