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Originally Posted by Trew2Life View Post
If you think that the remaining percentage of voters NOT included in the '47%' really agree with Mitt's philosophy then you're deluding yourself.

The only ones who really support this 47% exclusion are at the base of the Republican party. Most Independents reject this idea and it will cost him voters.

Personally, I hope he sticks by it. Double, triple, quadruple down on it; run with it in the debates.

The LIBERAL TROLL is back, what happened did your contract expire on MSNBC, I know you still have that thrill going up your leg, hand in hand with Chris Matthews and Barney Frank.

Truly all you liberals deserve Obama, he will help you, if he gets elected we will see the middle class suffering as they never have suffered before, all the money corporate America is holding back will go over seas to countries with better business economies especially since we have dropped to 18th in the world,they will not be hiring here in this country,that and along with the lay offs that will come, you will be screwed. Get ready you liberal incompetents you want it and it is coming.

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