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Originally Posted by Duncan258 View Post
I have a decent amount of knowledge about guns (more so long guns). I have shot them for years but I am turning 18 in a couple months and am getting my LTCH and want to get a handgun of my own. I know I want a full size glock, but I am not sure what caliber or ammunition I want. I was wanting a .45 but I want to be able to shoot it fairly often without breaking the bank. Is there a better/cheaper caliber/round? I don't know a whole lot about ammo but I want it to be a good defense round without being to expensive to go out shooting.
Well, I won't speak of what's "better" but if you were to go with a Glock 22 it is chambered in .40 S&W which gives you a decent sized round and you can pick up a conversion barrel for about $90 and shoot 9mm out of it. If you do this you will also need a G 17 magazine ($25).

If cost of ammo is a concern this is a good way to go.

But if you really want a .45 then you should go with that.

Good luck!
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