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We are living in the good old days so far as the number and type defensive ammo choices available.

The big three all have suitable options for the pocket pistol.Starting with the first from Winchester the T-Series offers a large window of velocities that it will work under.In other words the 147gr offering will work in your pistols. So will the 124+P, you will not really be losing anything except velocity faster compared to the 147. For the purest the design does not have the color but still retains the sharp talons made famous by the Black Talon.

Federal HST again suitable in all bullet weights. Originally designed to replace their Hi Shock ammo but morphed into the restricted sale Tactical Line descendant of Eldorado's Star Fire that is pretty tough and offers robust expansion.

Speer Gold Dot SB the last of the big three to offer something for the pocket pistol. It retains everything good about the regular GB only tuned to work from SB pistols.

If you try several of these you guns will actually decide what is best for them.
Keep your guns stashed and your powder dry.

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