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Originally Posted by FFR Spyder GT View Post
This is what I posted on another thread.....

"I'm from Arkansas and it amazes me every time someone that I know, not a friend, just someone that I know, that are White Trailer Park Trash that says they are going to vote for Romney.

It just doesn't make sense to me.

Take "Person X" for example......

Lives in a rented trailer in a trailer park and HUD pays his rent. Plus he draws +$700.00/mo in food stamps, has one kid drawing an SSI check, kids are on ARKids insurance (welfare) and states that he and his ol' lady will vote for Romney in November.

Yep, this is your typical Southern Republican.

I know several hundred of them."
Maybe they don't feel they're entitled to more of our money than they're already getting. A foreign concept for liberals, I'm quite sure.
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