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I agree that if this hurts Romney in some way, it will be long forgotten when November rolls around. Its very similar to the Obama's , "Rural PA, and midwest people clinging to there guns and religion" comment. Most people offended by those comments were not going to vote for the candidate who said it anyway. There maybe a small minority of supporters that were offended, but it will be water under the bridge when they get in that voting booth.

The BIG thing will be those debates. This Romney gaffe makes me a little nervous that he might say something stupid in the debates.

However, I still think if Romney stays sharp and does not act like a D-bag he should be able to wipe the floor with Obama at the debates.

If Romney crushes Obama at the Debates - Romney wins the WH

If Romney gets crushed by Obama at the Debates - Obama gets elected for a 2nd term.

If its a draw and there is no clear winner or loser then its a close election and who know, but logic still tells me that Romney squeaks out a win. Unfortunately there is nothing logical about the presidential cycle.
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