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"Despite the soaring rhetoric and scandalous accusations, if anybody here REALLY thinks either party gives a flip about your piddly problems, you're deluded."

^^^^^^^ that about sums it up. Strangely I know less about the cadidates motives here than I ever did when living at the wrong end of an Ak47. At least one understood the message there.

How can they be (allegedly) good people if they are in politics?
Why on earth would anyone want to be a politician? could it be the graft money? is it the free sex with pages and secretaries? free food? free travel? free everything later?

If they cant get anything done and are totally reviled for everything they do, why would anyone want to do that?

Re the OP, isnt it funny how the ( alleged) press here howls when anyone tells the truth?

Maybe we need a new electoral process, maybe a bunch of monkeys throwing poop at names on a wall might pick better.
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