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Originally Posted by alwaysshootin View Post
You know, I will carry in a grocery store that is posted, without hesitation! A ship, ran by the Coast Guard, though, and being posted, can you imagine if you got caught?

Was there a couple of summers ago, and yes it is well posted. Kind of like walking into a federal building, or court house type of posting, with I'm sure stiff penalties if caught. I wasn't checked either, but my mothers purse was. Last time, we were just visiting for the day, so I went back to the truck, and locked it up. This time we are staying for the weekend.

I have hundreds of miles of travel, many stops in between. I want to carry, so I'll ask again, is there a legal way to get my carry to my destination?
Unless I'm not catching something they're not operated by the USCG, Miller boat lines and jetexpress are normal companies that offer a service.

The only way I know of to do it no questions perfect would be to either borrow a friends boat, or rent a private charter to take you out there.

Have you tried calling either of the ferry services and asking them, it maybe something that comes up often enough and they've made arrangements for such situations.
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