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Originally Posted by Trew2Life View Post
This is why I love the Right ... you guys don't let something like facts stand in your way. All this nonsense about the "47%" being Obama supporters unlikely to vote for Romney anyway. LMAO

An independent study tallied the states that had the highest percentages of non-income-tax-paying residents.

The 8 states with the highest rates of non-tax-payers are mostly ones that Romney had in the bag:

Texas, Idaho, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.

Why ... because those state are heavily populated with college students and elderly/retirees or underpaid laborers who don't earn enough to pay federal income taxes.

Not that Romney ever had a chance in the first place, but he has less than a chance now.
Where do you get your talking points? I've been hearing/seeing these same talking points in the MSN and parroted on forums almost verbatim. It's uncanny.
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