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Originally Posted by G36's Rule View Post
The only one of those states that Mitt has a chance with is VA. And he still does there. Doesn't matter if he loses by 1% or 100% in those states.

He doesn't need them to win.

Yeah, thats what I was thinking. The big urban areas where the "47%" are concentrated in (LA/NYC/Chicago etc) are in reliably blue states - which in itself should tell you something.

If O had this election on ice, how come Rasmussen puts Romney AHEAD in its daily tracking poll by 2-3 points and ahead in the swing states by 2 pts?? A sitting president thats under 50% less than 60 days out is in serious trouble.
The numbers just aren't there for Obungo, unless you read the New York Times I guess Even best from Gallup today
is O 47% (yeah...seriously) and Romney at 46%.

Note that this is AFTER all the cheer leading by the leftist press. You can tell Romney hits a nerve when the scumbags go into a tizzy - if they are worried about something then its a good thing.

I think Romney should run with this - look the electorate in the eye and say "You have a choice - you want a nanny state because there are no jobs, go for O. You want less regulation, less dependence , more jobs vote for me!"
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