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Originally Posted by Chup View Post
The Ferry was posted, I carried mine IWB just like I always do. Nobody said a thing.
You know, I will carry in a grocery store that is posted, without hesitation! A ship, ran by the Coast Guard, though, and being posted, can you imagine if you got caught?

Was there a couple of summers ago, and yes it is well posted. Kind of like walking into a federal building, or court house type of posting, with I'm sure stiff penalties if caught. I wasn't checked either, but my mothers purse was. Last time, we were just visiting for the day, so I went back to the truck, and locked it up. This time we are staying for the weekend.

I have hundreds of miles of travel, many stops in between. I want to carry, so I'll ask again, is there a legal way to get my carry to my destination?
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