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Originally Posted by Dirtyechotango12 View Post
Does the supresser come apart for cleaning?
From Silencerco's website:

Because the Osprey has such a substantial amount of internal volume, there is no need to regularly clean the baffles. When you do want to clean the baffles, soak the silencer in a hydrocarbon-based solvent such as WD-40 and certain mineral spirits and/or lacquer thinners. Then, remove the Osprey and blow out the internals with pressurized air, shake out all the liquid, and let dry.

The Nielsen device, or booster, should be regularly cleaned. Remove the booster and disassemble all the parts (refer to the “booster disassembly” section). Using an abrasive brush and/or a Scotch-Brite pad and solvent, scrub the components free of the carbon buildup. When finished, apply white lithium grease to the O-ring inside the spring retainer, assemble the booster and install into the back of the Osprey. NOTE: Do not use sandpaper to clean the booster as it may ruin the precision finish and may cause malfunction.
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