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Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
Are YOU going to torture someone? I mean, yeah we're on the internet, everyone is tough. But even with my multiple combat tours, and 10+ years in the .mil, while I can honestly say the concept of killing is not something I'm foreign to. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to torture someone. Unless they've pushed me far beyond my breaking point (ala law abiding citizen)
It's all situation driven. . .

What if someone kidnaps your 12 year old child with the intent of letting the gang "have some fun", and you get your hand on one of the thugs as they flee with your child.

I think most people here would do [Fill in the blank with the most heinous torture you can think of] to get info on where the rest of the gang took your child. . .

What if you knew that people had resorted to cannibalism to survive and they had grabbed your child?

Extreme examples? Yes. . Given the most extreme situations, I think that most could be driven to extreme actions. .
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