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As far as a "preppers" go, the word has been overused about as much as "tactical," "stopping power," and "zombies."

In the real world, many of our parents and grandparents were preppers in the truest sense of the word. They raised gardens, they fattened and slaughtered their livestock, they cleared land and put in a good supply of firewood twice a year, they canned and made use of the land's resources.

They were also keen on the use of firearms, which did not include AR's, AK's, and Glocks, BTW. My father's model 12 Winchester shotgun and S&W model 27 are as viable today as they were then, and at 83 years old, my father can still use them both VERY effectively.

"Survival" (urban or rural) is all about mindset and has never been about what you "have" to defend what you intend to keep but about your ability and willingness to use it.

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