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This is probably played out, but I have to say I tried to watch a minute of the vids again with no success...can't stand it. Am I really worried about this guy? No.

I am going to watch the premier of "Revolution" tonight and weigh in when that thread gets

Here are a couple of crazy they have merit?

-If you live in a high population density area, everyone is a target. You may be victimized by any segment/demographic due to your availaility (walking distance). Some of the lower level segments of society will prey upon each other before moving up the economic ladder (happens right now).

-hoards (bottom 10% of society) will sit and wait for the bread line and will be physically drained...too drained to road march to any burbs...and lacking any arms.

-hungry people who are used to the .gov providing do not have the wherewithal to plan an op and conduct it. There are usually reasons they're on the bottom, low intelligence, substance abuse, poor decision making, too many children.

-"youth gang" types may get together and attempt to scavenge and will have success burglarizing structures and trying some strong-arm tactics. They represent a dangerous element due to their "undeveloped mind"...rash decision making. You don't want to be around these guys at any point. They will flee with any effective resistance.

- addicts, mental incompetents. Distance is your friend. They will steal from anyone they know, or have ever known, who has "something" of use or value. If you know one, expect a visit.

I guess we could categorize every socioeconomic group, but it's safe to say that everyone is capable of violence, but those who are "less civilized" will resort to it faster and with fewer reservations.

The fool in the video does not fit in my neighborhood and would likely peak interest. He would be turned around at the nearest intersection with a tree fell across the road and if foolish enough to pass, would be challenged and subsequently dealt with if he tried force.

When there's no reason for "normal" people to go to work, they will be standing watch...and the smart ones will buddy up. That will work fairly well under most circumstances...the chances of a mad max scenario are pretty slim.
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