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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
Or just use a rifle if you want rifle ballistics....

Seriously, what the hell is with this crap with so many people wanting a gun/caliber combination to do something it was never designed to do in the first place?

I don't get it and I'm glad.
Then why reply to this thread?

Are you that negative that you have to tell everyone that they are wrong in trying to get more out of the gun they have?

Since it appears you are that negative:
You should probably call up all the companies with conbination guns and let them know that they are wrong.
You should probably call up the companies make in scout rifles (Ruger, Steyr, Springfield) and let them know that there isn't a need for a generalist rifle.
You should probably call up the bullet manufacturers and let them know that each cartridge only needs one bullet weight.
You should probably call up all the companies and people building AR-15s in cartridges other than 5.56.

After doing that I assume you will want to branch out into other areas:
There seems to be a lot of after market car parts designed to turn cars and trucks into things they were nit designed for. That should keep you busy for a while.
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