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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
Like a 10mm with nothing but hot reloads is going to hold up any longer?

Care to site any proof the 5.7 isn't durable or won't hold up with heavy use?

Ok then, why not just get one of those nifty AR style pistols and use the good old 5.56x45mm?

It sure beats the hell out of trying to find sabots for the 10mm!
Who said I was feeding my gun a steady diet of 10mm. I am using a G21. I shoot 45ACP and 45Super. The sabot idea is not just for the 10mm, but if someone gets it working for the 10mm, I can buy a conversion barrel and .....

If you are willing to put up a FN 5.7 pistol and ammo, I will be willing to do an abuse test against one of my G21s until one of the guns doesn't shoot multiple rounds. Yes, I have a test in mind that has some real world implications. (The real world basically did this test to me and my G21 a while back.) I will write up a detailed test plan if needed.

An AR pistol is a pistol by definition only. It is not in the same catagory as other pistols.

Additionally, just because I want something and I have decided it will work for me, doesn't mean you have to use it also. You can go to another thread if you are against the idea of using sabots.
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