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FTRTB= failure to return to battery

1- If only happens when slow hand cycling, then solution= stop hand cycling. This is common with the subcompact, hi cap mags-- rounds are tightly squeezed with good mag spring pressure. You need a slingshot, or firing to make it work. If this is happening during shooting, then it is a FTRTB.

2- check the install of the slide stop (have you detail stripped it?)-- make sure the spring is installed correctly, and the pin is positioned correctly. Does it snap back, when you flick it up with the slide off, and does it have ~1/16" fore/aft travel (spring needs to sit in the pin groove) <-- desirable.

3- gun cannot read ratings, and does not care what other guns perform with x ammo. Use what works for your g29.

Originally Posted by el_dudarino View Post
First, after considerable searching I still can't figure out what BTF means. Any help or link to a really good acronym list?

Now down to my first Glock experience: a recently purchased, new g29 10mm with three problems.

1. Slide does not smoothly enter battery. It hangs with about 1/8th inch to go and requires more than normal force to completely close. Yes, it closes releasing from full open and while firing, but what might be causing it to hang? Perhaps it's contributing to issue #3? Other large frame Glocks I've checked out enter battery much more smoothly while slowly closing the slide. It still happens with a stiffer recoil spring.

2. After ~300 rounds the slide stopped locking open reliably after emptying a magazine. I eliminated the possibility of my thumb touching the lever while firing. Pulling the slide back several times with the empty mag still inserted still failed to lock the slide back. Holding it open and peering into the chamber revealed the slide stop lever slipped off the top, and ended up wedged beside, the follower. This occurs with all three new magazines.

3. Many, many FTF of Underwood 180 grain 1300 fps TMJ ammo. Again, occurs with all three magazines. This is excellent ammo with 5-star reviews and great pricing, so I really hate to think that I simply can't use it in my gun.
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