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Put a Spin on My H&R Single Shot...

Recently got an H&R NEF 12gauge single shot shotgun for $125 and decided it was too 'plain' for the likes of me.

Wood furniture. stock/forearm (No sling studs)

Choate Storearm w/Sling Swivel Stud (Holds three 3'' shells.) $14
Choate Pistol Grip w/Sling Loop $22
Winchester Quick Adjust Sling $15
Comcast universal Remote Control -Free with service agreement

Tactical Shotguns

I heard these things are a nightmare to take down, but after disassembling/reassembling about 3 times I finally developed a way of taking her down/cleaning/lubing that doesn't take 3 hours...

Recoil is very manageable with game loads. I haven't tried running any of the 3'' shells I keep loaded for home defense....yet. (I have a big house.)

So here is a decent budget home defense shotgun/backup shotgun for under $175!
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