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Originally Posted by Bilbo Bagins View Post
I was born and raise in a rough area of Philly, and I currently live in a suburb, and I have lived in some rural areas. The difference is night and day. I have seen a 14 year old city boy POUND and BLOODY a 18 rural kid that was twice his size. I have seen a Teenage ghetto girl beat the snot out of an athletic suburan Teenage boy that same age. The numbers are also not in your favor, we are talking thousands of people. What is the average population of a small town, and how many police officers total. Maybe a 100 people and 6 or 7 cops. That against thousands, may moe. Even if you are well trained and organized how are you going to repel that without getting overrun.
Well aimed rifle fire works for me.
Not letting them get close enough for hand to hand works for me.
Avenge me...AVENGE ME!

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