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Thanks for all the replies so far. I do have a Government size Springer that is very nice. I was just wondering if that little bit makes a significant difference on a 1911. I know it does on a Glock; but, I thought it might be a little different on a 1911 due to the obvious differences between the 2 platforms.

I usually carry glocks. The difference in grip from a G19 to a G17 is about the same as the difference between the Officer and the Government sizes. I can conceal the G19 better than the G17.

When I talk about concealment, I am talking about concealing the pistol, not just standing there, but with normal movements of the body, e.g leaning forward. Just standing there, I can easily conceal my G17 and my Government 1911. It should be noted however, that I do not have a good concealment holster for my 1911.

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