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Originally Posted by G29Reload View Post
Yep. I think there is room for fantasy on both sides of this argument.

Gangs could clearly be problematic where ever you live. BUT:

If they think they're invincible, they've got another thing coming.

Even to an outnumbered homeowner in a rural area, I know this:

If a bunch of say, even 15-20 gang members come up the pike towards my place, I am at the top of a gentle well cleared slope well set back from the road. If they think a bunch of street punks holding Glocks sideways and waving an AK is any match for a well concealed, disciplined shooter with a scoped M1A with a full magazine and more beside him, well like any other self interested person they'll desire retreat or look for an easier target when their buddies are dead or screaming in agony on the lawn in front of them. Scum like that like easy targets, they lack discipline. Attaching a cost tends to change their outlook when there will be so many other easy sheep for prey.

And there's more than a few like me along the way they'll meet before they get here.

I think their discouragement factor will be….elevated somewhat.

Just sayin...
Originally Posted by G29Reload View Post
And phase one is a teachable moment, a learning experience and setter of the rules of engagement.

When you's a street punk with no more handouts from the government and never experienced any resistance at that occupation, a hard NO backed with firepower indicates things have changed somewhat.

Time to grow up and deal with how life SHOULD be. You keep what's yours, you don't take other people's S$#%, no one will give you anything and if you break the rules…you will be broken.
Originally Posted by G29Reload View Post
I finally had a few minutes to waste and looked at this clown's video, first part of the first one.

I agree. He'll die before anyone here will.

He talks like we're unarmed, first thug with a gun gets our stuff.

What do I call 20 guys I know are trouble…on sight…coming up my driveway?

A full magazine. Not even. Before I empty it the stragglers will flee.

We have stuff. We are prepared.

He is not. He has nothing. And he has to worry about people in his own group. Before, during and after.

We're armed, fed, clothed and aware and have thought about things. He thinks its an urban warehouse with a semi-retired security guard carrying a nightstick.

He's starting from zero, and thinks that after all our efforts to prepare we're just gonna give up without a fight?

How would I defend acreage with a shortage of able bodies?

Aimed rifle fire can cover a LOT of ground.

It comes down to the Dirty Harry question.

Do you feel lucky?

Nah, he will resort to robbing old ladies hiding in burned out buildings in neighborhoods where the cops have fled. He won't last in my zipcode.

And, even if it seems a bit cold…remember this. Instead of being demoralized by SHTF…some of us will view it as an opportunity.

To clean up.

And some in that group will be downright enthusiastic about it.
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